Radon, Exposure, Symptoms and Much More

Many of the people aren’t even educated about what radon actually is, so starting off with that. Radon is a radioactive gas from a chemical perspective it isn’t actually harmful to humans since it doesn’t bond with any known chemical in our body. But from the physics perspective the gas is radioactive and really harmful to our body it is definitely not something to be easy about you should surely get your house checked out today by Radon Mitigation Madison.

How do you end up getting exposed to it?

Radon is a radioactive gas. When you breathe in air radon is inhaled with it. The highest amounts of radon gas are found in buildings, schools, homes and closed spaces. The most your effected is in your home since your there for the longest time in the day.

Radon seeps through the ground into your home from the cracks and leakages in the foundation. Since especially in winters, you keep your windows and doors closed the gas gets trapped inside your house. Inside the wells where the chemicals are made, radon is also present there and so it gets mixed with the well water. It can also get into the house through water in taps.

Radon gas can get exposed to any home however the one with the highest chances are the homes which:

è Extreme insulation

è Tight Seals

è Located in areas where soil contains uranium

Testing your home for radon 

There are two types of radon testing; Short-term radon testing and long-term radon testing

Short-term radon testing

If you don’t have much time you can get short-term radon testing done. In short-term radon testing they test your house with a radon detector for two to three days otherwise it can even be done until 90 days. After that, the detector is sent to the laboratory the authorized testers check the radon concentration and send the results.

Long-term radon testing

In long-term radon testing the data can be built over 90 days or even more. This sort of data is more accurate as it is built on an average of a lot of days. Radon levels can fluctuate a lot sometimes in months, days or even in hours. While the radon testing takes place to try to keep your windows and doors closed, don’t open them unnecessarily and do not use any fans that bring in air from the outside.

Radon symptoms

There is radon in the atmosphere so it’s basically around us most of the time; you probably breathe it in every day in low amounts. The problem is you can’t tell if you are breathing in high levels of radon. The drawback to it is being a gas it is unidentifiable, by human senses you can’t feel it, smell it or taste it.


Radon is around us all the time generally in low amounts so it’s not harmful. However, if it is exposed in high amounts for a long time radon can be harmful one of the biggest diseases you can get from it is lung cancer. If you want to check your house for radon tries out Radon Mitigation Madison.